Thursday, April 22, 2010

UFOs, Thrillers, and First Love

What could UFOs, Thrillers, and First Love possibly have in common? They're all in my debut novel, The Cost of Love. Set in Roswell, New Mexico--the UFOs are a prerequisite. Chapter One opens with Dean evaluating a decomposing body, enough said about the thriller portion. And Lucy does find her first love, as silly as that sounds--though neither of us planned it that way.

But then novels often don't go as you plan them. I certainly never intended to write about Roswell the first time I drove through it, or when I sat in one of its little diners (quaint would be a kind word), or even when I hiked the Guadalupe mountains to the south. Imagination has a way of taking hold though, and when you sprinkle in a good dose of nightly news, a bit of research, and characters that won't turn you loose, you have a story that's not only fun to read, it was also a complete joy to write.

Story ideas come in all shapes and forms, and from many different places. What works for one book, might produce nothing for the next. A tried-and-true method for your favorite author might leave you staring at a blinking icon on a blank screen. You have to find what works for you, for this moment.

Writing and reading are mysterious that way. When you pick up the next novel you've been waiting to start, or flip on your e-reader, kind of makes you wonder though. Where DID that idea come from?


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is what I call an unusual, and provocative, premise for a story! Can't wait to read the book, Drue.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rebbie.
It's rather fun where we find story ideas at; don't you think? They're sort of hiding under every rock - - or every sand dune (in my case).

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Roswell seems like a fascinating location for a romance novel. Your novel sounds like a terrific story!

Wishing you every success.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jacqueline.
I think remote, dangerous locations are romantic, but then my husband always rolls his eyes when I bring such things up. : )

Apryl said...

I think the opening of a story is the most difficult to write. I read a lot of thrillers and mysteries as well!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like thrillers and mysteries, Apryl. Openings can be difficult--often I find myself starting a story, then backing it up a few frames. : )

Apryl said...

So do I. I don't always outline, either, especially when I first started writing. But, when I get older I think I'll outline more. Btw, I did add you on facebook, forgot to mention that!


Kara Lynn Russell said...

I always make an outline, but seldom follow it when I'm actually writing a story. Somehow I can't start without it.

Anonymous said...

Apryl, Thanks for the fb add! : )

Kara, I don't outline but I sooo admire people who do. I understand how it must straighten the story out in your mind (whether you follow it or not).