Friday, April 30, 2010

A Little About Me

Hello to writers and readers alike. I’m a new Five Star author, and am delighted to be in the company of such great talent. By way of an introduction, I’ll tell you first that I am one of possibly two native Floridians. (Just kidding, but there aren’t many of us.) In my other life, I taught music, and later English and math to high school kids. That’s where I learned to keep dialogue going and never to slip into passive voice, because their eyes would glaze over.
I took early retirement and began to do some serious writing. My poetry won contests and some was published. Then I decided I wanted to write a book about Florida. I traveled over the state, interviewing people for a book, which would be called Haunt Hunter’s Guide to Florida. It was published by Pineapple Press, a Florida press that specializes in regional books. Last year my medieval historical, Jeanne of Clairmonde, came out, and in October my Five Star book, The Tapestry Shop, will be released. I received the cover last week and I love it, although the colors made me go running to my web designer for a new front page so it wouldn’t clash.
My agent and I decided to part company, so I’m on “the great agent hunt” again. At the Pikes Peak conference this past weekend, I pitched a historical set in Renaissance Venice. The agent requested it, so we’ll see how that goes.
Oh yes, congratulations to Stacy Taylor for winning the jewelry set. I’ll be offering some more glass jewelry later, and the other bloggers have a great line-up of giveaways in store, so I hope our readers will check back often and give Lady Luck a chance.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cover! From a fellow English teacher, I'd like to say welcome to the world of writing - - and I wish you the best of luck with The Tapestry Shop. It sounds fabulous and I can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

I also love the cover, and I'm looking forward to reading the book. Have you always been interested in medieval history? What would you say is the most provocative or interesting detail in your story? Can you tell I'll be on a panel discussion for historical fiction this month in NY? :) But I think other historical readers and writers would be interested to learn about your process of research and story development.
Congratulations to a multi-talented author!

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Joyce,

I see we have much in common! I also taught English, both and the high school and college level. As an undergrad, I minored in history.
I loved teaching both British and American Lit, combining the two disciplines of history and literature. And I also took an early retirement so that I could write fulltime. I love your cover art too.

Professor Stacy said...

Thank you for the jewelry set!

I look forward to reading The Tapestry Shop in October! Best of luck with wonderful reviews!

Joyce Moore said...

Drue: Thanks, about the cover. I was surprised, because I expected something entirely different, but now I like it. Covers are like titles, you never know how they're going to hit a reader.

Joyce Moore said...

Hi Rebbie: I've always been curious about the Middle Ages, but never really studied that period until about ten years ago. An interesting element in my story? It has to be (and this is the truth) the male protaganist's connection with the Robin Hood legend. Adam, on whose life the book is based, wrote Robin et Marion, the first penned version about Robin. Plus, Adam is French. He wasn't English. I go into more detail on my website. The book isn't at all about Robin Hood, though. I discovered the connection while researching the 13th c. musician's life. You never know where research will lead you!

Joyce Moore said...

Hi Jacqueline: Thanks for the kind words about the book cover. I just hope it makes people want to look inside! Re teaching, lots of teachers end up writing. Yes, we do have lots in common, but then, all writers do.

Joyce Moore said...

Hi Stacy: Glad you liked the jewelry. I have a necklace I wear with different blouses. Every time someone takes a picture of me at a conference, I realize I'm wearing that same necklace. Anyway, hope you enjoy yours. By the way, Five Star supplies to libraries, so if your library doesn't have it, say by November, they can easily order it from their catalog. If you buy one, let me know and I'll send you an autographed book plate. Thanks for stopping by!