Friday, November 19, 2010

Interview with Jackie Griffey

Interview with Author Jackie Griffey

by Jacqueline Seewald

Hi, Jackie, thanks so much for joining us today at the Author Expressions blog.

First, let me congratulate you on the excellent reviews your new historical romance Merrywinds has received.

Jackie: Thanks, I was particularly thrilled since this will be my 'swan song' and there won't be any more of the Expressions line.

Jacqueline: I feel badly about it too. You and I share the distinction of writing romance as well as mystery.I was hoping to continue in both lines too. But publishing in general has suffered considerable losses during this bad economy. On a more positive note, the hardcover edition of Merrywinds is scheduled for November publication from Five Star/Gale.

And now to learn more about you and Merrywinds:

Question: Jackie, could you tell us a little about the main characters in your new novel and something about the plot line?

Answer: The main thing is the problems facing the two girls and telling something about the times in which they lived with some romance and adventure which really reveals their characters and the problems facing them.

Question: Is this a new series? If so, could you tell us about your plans for future novels.

Answer: No, this is a stand-alone. However, as I wrote, researched and really got into the girls' lives I considered writing a sequel. It would take place a few years later and end with the Battle of New Orleans. Right now I have no plans to do that but I really did enjoy the research and writing the book.

Question: What inspired this novel? How did it come about?

Answer: A couple of my friends write romance novels and I had done one historical novel. So being a firm believer that a good book should have romance and adventure too, I took the challenge to point out the problems girls and women faced (and overcame so gloriously) and made it a challenge for these two girls who were typical of their time.

Question: Can you share with us some information about your background? What made you want to become a writer?

Answer: That was pure accident I guess, LOL. I saw an ad by a famous china company advertising a figure of Father Christmas and calling it Kris Kringle. Horrified, I could see the beautiful old Christmas legends being lost to our children. Then, I'm afraid, typical of ME, not knowing a whit about what's impossible - I joined a writing group, learned a lot, researched a lot, made a lot of friends (I'm still a member of that same group and that was in 1993). The first thing I wrote was a reading script. Who but someone ignorant as I was would do that? LOLFOF. Anyway, I loved it, research and all. I kept writing and my first book was published in 2002.

Question: What other novels have you written? Can you tell us something about them? Answer: I'm writing mostly cozy mysteries and romance/suspense novels. I have the Merrivale cozy mystery series now being published by Zumaya Publications. The first Zumaya imprint of the first Merrivale novel, The Devil in Merrivale, came out in January, 2010. The second, The Nelson Scandal, will be out hopefully a year from that date, I don't know exactly when yet. I've started another series also. This Maggie and Joe series first novel, Dead on Arrival, came out in Jan. 2010, the same date as the Merrivale first novel.

Question: Sounds like you’re a prolific author! As a well-published writer, what advice would you offer to those who have novels they would like to submit for consideration?

Answer: One of my favorite writers once said: "write a book you would like to read" and I think that's pretty good advice. Develop your characters and settings and give them lives of their own with romance and (of course, very definitely) a lot of humor - just like real lives. And as for getting published-you will. Keep writing and proofing and sending things out and you will get there. Enjoy your writing, researching too, as you go along.

Question: I know that many of our readers are going to want to read your books. Could you tell us where they can find your novels?

Answer: Simple as pie: Of course they're available from the publishers, all the libraries (bless them) here in Arkansas and other places too; they're available on B&N and other bookstore lists whether they're on the shelves or not; and easiest of all, to decide what you want to find: go to, click on books and type in “Jackie Griffey”. You'll pull up all my things from ninety-nine cent e-books, audios, and hardcovers too.

Jackie, thanks so much for being our guest today. Just from this interview, I can tell you have a unique style and original sense of humor. It’s a pleasure to learn more about you and your writing. And it’s great to find out that you’re an Arkansas gal. I hope former President Clinton is reading your novels!

Readers and writers who have comments or questions, please know that they are very welcome here. So feel free to join the conversation.


Betty Gordon said...

Great interview, Jacqueline. Jackie, your body of work is fascinating and I look forward to reading your latest work.

Betty Gordon

Unknown said...

Hi, Jackie! Great interview here. Jackie, you know how much I love your books and really hope one day to see a sequel to Merrywinds.


Alice Duncan said...

Wonderful interview, Jackie! I'm glad Merrywinds is sailing this month. I'm sorry about the demise of the Expressions line, as are so many of us who wrote for them. Sniffle.

Caitlyn Hunter said...

Wonderful interview, Jackie and Jacqueline. Jackie, I love the story of your journey to becoming a writer and getting published. Very inspirational!


Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Jackie and Jacqueline. Great interview. Your advice about writing something you'd like to read is spot on.

I also worry about history getting lost or rewritten. There are so many shortcuts today. Just look at how texting has changed spelling - for the worst!

Maggie Toussaint
fellow Five Star Author
On The Nickel, coming March 2011 from Five Star

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Betty, Christy, Alice, Caitlyn and Maggie,

Thank you all for your positive comments.
I certainly appreciate your good wishes and
I know Jackie G. does as well.

Joyce Elson Moore said...

Jackie G: Merrywinds sounds like a great read. Congrats on the nice reviews, and thanks to Jacqueline for bringing you here to share some tidbits about your writing life.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Thanks, Joyce, for reading the interview and commenting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jacqueline and Jackie for the interview. Jackie, MERRYWINDS sounds fascinating and unique. Looking forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Betty Gordon: There will be a LP of Merrywinds in Dec. of 2010 after the HC comes out. I guess it's my 'swan song' since there won't be any more Expression.
Thanks for coming by,

Anonymous said...

Alice Duncan: I know there are lots of sniffles about losing Expressions by I've got Five Star to thank for publishing my first romance/suspense novels. Cozy mystery and romance/suspense are my favorites.
Thanks for coming by,

Anonymous said...

Caitlyn Hunter: The years till I got around to writing my first historical novel prove you should never throw anything away - LOL Besides which the research on a couple of them as as exiting as a novel to me.
Thanks for coming by,

Anonymous said...

Maggie Toussaint: I get as much pleasure out of reading as I do writing - I'm adicted to both :-)

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline: Thanks, Jacquie for the interview. One of the very best things about writing is the people you meet along the way. (God Bless Cyberspace :-)
Best always,

Anonymous said...

Rebbie Macintyre: Thanks, Rebbie, I am so pleased to hear from all of you. Even though Expressions is gone the digest is still alive and well and since I'm going to write as long as I can see the monitor, I'm always glad to keep in touch and hear from all the friends I've made.
Thanks for coming by,

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