Friday, November 18, 2016

What are your reading habits?

Writers are readers, too, so I'm curious, "What are your reading habits?"

Before we decided to be writers we probably read all of the time, fell in love with characters, their stories and were motivated to join the club. Am I right?

As children, we probably didn't enjoy everything we had to read for school - but beginning in middle school that seemed to change for me with TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. When I realized that many of my favorite films were based on books I couldn't wait to read them. Everyone knows the books are always better - but sometimes the filmmakers and actors get very close.

Once I realized you could borrow books from the city library, where they had thousands more than my school did - it became one of my favorite places to be. The hardest part was deciding which books to read, the stack was always a foot or more high. 

One of the first books that struck a chord with me as a young adult was THE IVY TREE by Mary Stewart. I loved the story, the suspense, the characters and the romance. I read everything she wrote after that. Since then I've read hundreds and hundreds of books by terrific authors in various genres.

My favorite times to read are on rainy weekends. Bring me a quilt, a cup of tea and a book and I'm content. Reading before I sleep each night keeps me from rewinding the days' tapes and having to relive the day all over again. Some days you only want to live once. There is a drawback with reading before bed, if you can't put the book down then you lose precious sleep. Sometimes it is worth it! Reading THE NIX by Nathan Hill made my nights a little shorter for over a week - and I don't begrudge a single moment. 

When I received a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago it became my traveling companion. No more listening to my seat mate (unless I wanted to). I could read for hours and not be afraid I'd finish too soon or lose the book before it was completely read. When I was traveling for work I would take paperback books and leave them in the airport or hotel lobby when I finished. Don't you love to share a good story? 

Whether you are a writer or a reader you no doubt love to share good books with friends. Enjoy the journey my friends, and I hope you read lots of wonderful books along the way.


Bonnie (BD) Tharp is an award-winning author of women's fiction, with novels FEISTY FAMILY VALUES and PATCHWORK FAMILY.  Also, the author of Kindle ebook short stories: THE CROSSROADS & EARL DIVINE.


Jacqueline Seewald said...


I also believe that most writers are readers as well. Way back when I first started to write it was because I was an avid reader and still am. I read both fiction and nonfiction. I love to read all sorts of books and magazines. It both keeps the mind sharp and helps relaxation.

Bonnie Tharp said...

Truly, you are right. Life just wouldn't be the same without reading for many (myself for sure). Thanks for the comment, Jacqui - HAPPY Early THANKSGIVING!