Friday, August 12, 2016

Where to Find Fiction Markets by Jacqueline Seewald

 Last week I wrote a blog offering Tips on Writing and Selling Short Fiction:

I said that my next blog would deal with finding markets for fiction, particularly short fiction. I’ll keep this short and sweet as is appropriate to the topic.

Here are some market resources that may be of help to you:

Novel and Short Story Writer's Market

(One valuable source of information. You can buy it or ask for it at the reference desk of your local library. It is published yearly.)

Check out these free online websites which are consistently updated:

(For mystery writers)  (excellent current market listings for genre fiction particularly speculative) (another up-to-date listing for speculative fiction, mainly horror) (posts new opportunities for freelance writers and is written daily) a great resource. Sandra blogs almost every day and offers the most current market listings as well as discussions on writing. Although her interest is geared toward mystery fiction, you will find many others listings of value here as well.
(click on “Literary Markets”-paying jobs, at top) 
(a monthly calls column with much detailed info) 
Another excellent listing by month that lists competitions, contests, 
and submission calls letting you know details.
This and the previous listing come courtesy of Kevin Tipple who also
 provides a fine blog for readers and writers:
Another source:
(submission database)
Finally, if you are curious about my writing, here are some of my stories that are available as free reads:

Beyond the Bo Tree
(first story in this collection is a free read)

literary fiction

Litbreak is a good paying market for writers.

Saint Red
“Bacon Bits”-a humorous flash fiction crime story

Another paying market for writers.

Over My Dead Body!
"The Hotel Room Murder"-a locked room mystery with a modern twist

"Murder and Money"-police are aided by forensics in solving a homicide

The Gumshoe Review
"A Saint Valentine's Day Massacre"
Husband and wife detectives investigate separate cases that converge on a murder.

Note: I hope the market listings mentioned here prove helpful to you. Comments welcome!


Maris said...

Great list. Thanks, Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

I hope it proves useful to you and other authors.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Great list!
Thanks for sharing
Good luck and God's blessings

Susan Oleksiw said...

This is an excellent list, Jacquie. It should be very useful for a wide variety of writers.

jrlindermuth said...

Always need more market suggestions. Thanks, Jacqui.

Carole Price said...

Thanks, Jacquie. Some on the list are new to me.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Just got back from a doctor's appointment and found these great comments. Pam, Susan, John, Carole, thank you for your support, and I hope these resources will benefit each of you.

Susan Coryell said...

VERY helpful! Thanks, Jacquie!

Jacqueline Seewald said...


Most welcome!

June Shaw said...

Great info! Thanks so much for providing it.

In Susan's blog before yours, she said you wrote an essay I'm sorry I missed called "Never Clueless." Could you point me to that essay? I'd love to see it.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi June,

I used to write a lot of nonfiction articles for various publications. My mystery credits for nonfiction include SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY MAGAZINE, GUMSHOE REVIEW and OVER MY DEAD BODY! So I had to check Google. The article "Never Clueless" appeared in OMDB! Here's the reference, should you wish to read the article:

Earl Staggs said...

Wonderful information, Jacqueline. Thanks much.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Thank you, Earl!

Margaret Morse said...

Thanks so much for all the terrific suggestions.

Jacqueline Seewald said...


You're most welcome! I hope some prove useful.

Bonnie Tharp said...

Terrific information, Jacqui.

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Thanks, Bonnie!