Friday, July 25, 2014

Old and New Contacts

Leaving Florida for a little R&R that included interesting touring, family visits and  a Fremont Reunion held some memorable moments and welcome surprises. First stop after the Auto-train brought us to Virginia was Pensylvania's, Winterthur, Dupont's magnificent museum and palatial estate. The mind-boggling many  floors of "collections " were fascinating, but the highlight for me was an exhibit of the costumes of Downton Abbey, each with a film caption of the scene it illustrated. Nearby, Winterthur we visited beautiful  Longwood Gardens, extroadinary in its summer glory.

On to the Catskill mountains of New York State and a day spent with Tom's sister, we traveled north next, to up-state Clifton Park, Malta and Saratoga, spending time with our adult children.
The culmination of family visits took place at Moreau State Park for my 59th Fremont Family reunion.  That's right I did say 59th.  Being the youngest child of a large family, I am the only survivor of the first generation. Second,third and 4th generations were in attendance and it was a wonderful gathering.  Being the only (Aunt Mary) left, I was feted with a lovely gift. It was the perfect end to our northern journey.

Returning south and a quick stop in New Jersey gave another gift - seeing our newest family member, one week old great grandson Jason Z.Knoll. I'm sure many can relate to the precious,soft, feel of a newborn in your arms. It is beyond telling. Of course we were delighted to see Jason's brother Jace, his sister, Jazlyn, and our grandson Zachary & wife, Glenda.

Our last stop was Alexandria ,VA and a quick tour of Old Town made me wish we had planned more time there. Journeying back to Lorton and the Auto-train, on our return trip to Florida, we met interesting travelers in the dining car. One was the mother of Bryce Westervelt, Opera Tenor and author of children's books. Another was a lovely lady, musician/writer residing in a nearby town in Florida. There may be a story here among all these old and new contacts, but first and foremost are the memories forged on a memorable journey.


Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Mary,

What a wonderful trip! And it's great to keep in touch with the newer generations of you family.

Susan Oleksiw said...

That sounds like a great trip. I'm guessing that as the months pass snippets will return as story ideas. It's hard not to be inspired by all that you saw.

Mary Fremont Schoenecker said...

Thanks Jacquie and Susan for your comments. Everyone that hears I had nine sisters always say "there has to be a story there" Maybe so, we shall see.

Bonnie Tharp said...

Wow. That's a amazing trip, and being the last of your generation is impressive, too. Love the memories those reunions stimulate and create. They are full of stories.

Mary F. Schoenecker Writes said...

You are so right, Bonnie. I love the memories and liken it to the old line from a song Steve Martin used to sing "memories are made of this..."