Friday, January 24, 2014

A Well Crafted Story

I would like to showcase a book by one of our own AE bloggers. THE  CHEVALIER. Jacqueline Seewald has written an award winning romanceIt is a Romantic Historical saga of the 18th century, but her engaging style weaves the Jacobite Rebellion and societal constraints into the story beautifully.

The Chevalier by Jacqueline Seewald
A bird's eye Review by Mary F. Schoenecker

The author's descriptive style makes it easy to picture Madeline DeMornay, the teen-aged heroine, born of Scottish and French aristocracy. A surprising mix of innocence and sensuality, Madeline falls in love with English Colonel, Gareth Erickson, the illegitimate son of an English nobleman. Gareth, a favorite with the ladies, wants none for a wife, but is attracted to Madeline from the beginning and the attraction is mutual.
The suspense and excitement accelerates when the reader learns that Madeline is betrothed by her mother to her Scottish cousin Andrew. Andrew is a lovable,stalwart Scottish soldier who is eventually captured during the defeat at Culloden.The two soldiers, Andrew and Gareth provide the twists of tension and conflict, keeping the reader immersed in the drama that unfolds.
 The author deftly captures the Scottish burr in dialog, making the words sing, and her literary descriptions of Scotland's Highlands and Northern England are masterfully drawn. Although the sensual scenes between Gareth and Madeline are not for me, The Chevalier is a well crafted story  with a satisfying, love inspired ending. I gave it a well-deserved five stars.

If you missed it on Amazon or Goodreads, do look for it. 
I'm hoping that I can tell you about the publication of my book, SAFE HARBOR, next time.


Jacqueline Seewald said...

Thank you, Mary, for the lovely and thoughtful review of THE CHEVALIER. It is appreciated. I value the input of all readers and most especially that of fellow authors like yourself.

Susan Oleksiw said...

I second everything Mary said. I've also read Jacquie's book and enjoyed it enormously. Good luck with your book, Mary, and also to you, Jacquie.

Mary F. Schoenecker Writes said...

I feel the same about input of fellow authors. It was my pleasure to review The Chevalier.

Mary F. Schoenecker Writes said...

Thanks for commenting, Susan. It's good to hear from Five Star authors who have been successful and are still writing great stories.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Great post! Congratulations Jacqueline!

Good luck & God's Blessing to each of you, my fellow Five Star authors!