Friday, June 28, 2013

Flower Sparks Hope

You might wonder what this photo of a beautiful white orchid has to do with me or my writing. Was the plant synergetic or inspiring? Yes. At least I think so. A year ago I brought an orchid home in full bloom, just like the photo.  If you know anything about orchids you know that the blossoms last a long time and then the plant goes into a dormant stage. It can bloom again though, in theory that is.
At the same time I was enjoying my orchid, I was editing a stand alone contemporary novel using a secondary character from my previously published series as the heroine of my WIP. Many of my readers had clamored for Tante Margaret to have a story of her own and this novel was to be Margaret's story. I entitled it SAFE HARBOR. Often I would gaze at the  plant's lovely blossoms as my work in progress slowed  and was in the final stage. I felt badly when each blossom gradually folded up and dropped off, but I continued to nurture it through the winter months. I have a lucky green thumb, so I followed suggestions for my Phalenopsis care diligently, hoping to coax it to bloom again.
It seemed my writing career was going through a dormant stage as well. I had submitted Safe Harbor to a print publisher and was going through the waiting game that we writers suffer through. In late spring my plant developed tight green buds along it's stem and one by one, gradually they opened beautifully just as you see them in the photo above.Thirteen perfect blossoms, creamy, white petals surrounding a  dot of gold and crimson in its center!
While my eyes feasted on Mother Nature's work, I received a note from a writer friend encouraging me to take heart, be confident in me, and maybe to keep trying other publishers. I took her advice and soon received a request for the full manuscript. As a seasoned writer I know that is not always a sure thing, but I don't lose faith or hope easily. Like my Phalenopsis,another year could produce delightful returns for Safe Harbor.


Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Mary,

I have the same white orchid plant, and though I love all my plants, this one is my favorite. Like yours, the plant went through a dormant stage and is now blossoming again. I suppose as you suggest it symbolizes that rebirth is a real possibility. We should never lose hope or faith. Searching for new publishers who will appreciate our work is certainly a good way to go!

Carole Price said...

Mary, what a lovely, inspiring article. I have two dormant orchids, but hope to see their blooms again.

Sharon Ervin said...

Lovely comparison and uplifting for those of us who identify with the struggle. Problem being: I have a brown thumb. But I am good nurturing children.

Mary Schoenecker said...

Jacquie, Metaphorically speaking, I think that orchid did instill hope. I'm so glad we share the flower and the promise.

Mary F. Schoenecker said...

Thank you Carole. We writers need both faith and hope as we watch Mother Nature renew her treasures.

Mary said...

Brown thumb acknowledged,Sharon, however I think nurturing children and WRITERS is so much more important! I'm happy that you have been inspirational to me.