Monday, March 19, 2012

The Value of Writer's Conferences

By B.D. Tharp

This weekend was the Kansas Writers Association "Scene" conference at the Wichita Hyatt. Friday night's event was a Pitchapoolsa, and it was unbelievable. Everyone who attended was given one minute to pitch their book. Some of our author attendees were awesome, dramatic, precise, and very well prepared. There are an amazing bunch of stories in the making. And the editors and agents were gracious, encouraging, and positive. Who could ask for more?

Saturday started early, the first speaker began at 8:00 AM. Some of the topics included:

  • Story Structure to Rivet the Reader
  • Ebook and Traditional Publishing, Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Finding the Right Agent or Publisher
  • The Art of the Pitch
  • Promotion, Media, and Branding

Subjects were presented by a host of fabulous industry experts:

I'm exhausted, jazzed, and ready to try the things I learned to better promote my novel FEISTY FAMILY VALUES, and find a home for my next novel, PATCHWORK FAMILY.

Like the cherry on top of the parfait I thoroughly enjoyed the great group of attendees from Kansas and surrounding states. Writers are readers and we know and share in the challenges and joys of being authors. No matter how much your family loves you if they aren't writers, they don't understand the writer's life. It's a bit of a roller coaster ride.

To find out about conferences in your area try I usually try to attend one conference a year, and if there are a couple in the Midwest that aren't too far a drive and I can share expenses with someone, then I try for two. They're intense and well worth a writer's time. Write on, my friends.


Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Bonnie,

I'm impressed by how much your conference offered to writers.
I haven't attended one in a long time but can see the value. I hope you find a great agent and publisher for your new novel.

bdtharp said...

Hi Jackie,
It was a good one (conference)! Thanks for the good wishes. -BD

elysabeth said...

Conferences can be fun and exhausting and everything in between. You do tend to come back raring to go and get your wip finished and submitted (not that that always happens but at least you put forth the gallant effort for a while). I've volunteered at several book fests and conferences and have had a blast. I totally agree that if possible, attending at least one a year is worth it.

It's funny, I posted about conferences last month and it seems that I've just seen several postings (one just went up on the Writers on the Move blog - - today) about conferences. Guess 'tis the season - lol.

Good luck with your stories - E :)

Elysabeth Eldering
Author of Finally Home, a Ya paranormal (ghost) mystery
"The Proposal" (an April Fools Day story), a humorous romance ebook
"The Tulip Kiss", a paranormal (ghost) romance ebook
"Bride-and-Seek", a paranormal (ghost) romance ebook

bdtharp said...

Spring is when I usually go, but there are conferences all year round. Thanks for the comment. -BD