Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year/Old Me :-(

Hope all of you readng this are having better luck than I am in the new year. I haven't even finished all the list of things I need to do First! - like yesterday! The weather man says we're going to have snow for the next two days so I'm going to shakle one ankle to a chair in front of my computer...

Oh, well, enough fuss. I'm starting right now, by updating my blog. There's some good news to report too. I've had some books on Kindle for a year now and finally, sales are beginning to grow - slowly, but growing. Also, a few months ago when we were able to, I put my things on the UK too and had just about given up ever getting any sales - but in December I had a few and the first week there was another so I hope these two readers talk to a lot of their friends LOL.

Among other things and different fiction genres I've got two cozy mystery series live and selling now. The Maryvale series: The Devil in Maryvale; The Nelson Scandal; Recipe for Trouble; Mardi Gras Murder; and An Unpopular Corpse. Also the Maggie and Joe series: Dead on Arrival; The Snafued Snatch; and my work in prgress, Good and Dead - a crime with absolutely NO motive so Joe Driver has his work cut out for him. There are two of the Chris and Duff Insurance Series live now: Once Burned; and Varmint.

I hope you're still reading, please go to my list on to see the whole list now available, Kindles and all-with loglines; thumbnails; and some reviews too to let you know more about them.

More Good News: The 'gift' prices I put on just before Christmas are going to stay, since people are buying them :-) There are none priced more than $2.99 and a good variety to choose from.

I'm hoping some readers and writers will come by and visit and please leave a comlment so I'll know you came. I love meeting new people :-)

Back to work, break's over! Happy New year!

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