Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Just sent in my 'update' for Marquis Who's Who and am wondering if anyone will jog down to their local library and read it. I kept it short but did tell the world my fiction novels in several genres are now published in every format (currently) known to man! Also, I've dropped my e-book prices and all my listed items are now $2.99 or less. This includes some reading scripts too if anyone is curious to read one. Of course I'm hoping some producer will hear about them and take a look - or maybe an actor looking for a vehicle for himself... Well, I can dream, can't I? And the role of Aaron in RECYCLING HUMANITY is just right for Morgan Freeman. If anyone knows how to contact him or his agent, please 'comment' and let me know.

There are so many changes and formats in progress now, it's easier all the time to find a good read. I've just downloaded Mobipocket but don't know how to use it yet. 2011 looks like a great year for finding good books to read.

Please check here often as there may be good news soon. In addition to the cozy mystery I've just added to my Kindle list, an audio publisher is reading four (uh-huh FOur) of my manuscripts for a new audio publisher who is promising good prices on audio books too. So there will be a lot of good reading as well as a lot of good prices for us readers in 2011.

This Week magazine also had a recipe from DEAN KOONTZ Sunday! I clipped it out - it's for baked corn which his wife, Gerda makes for him. My daughter and I are waiting for his new book to come out - and when is Evanovich going to write SEVENTEEN?

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading.
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